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  • Luxury Ayurvedic Hand Care
    (Kara Shubakari)

50min   £55

Defy the ravages of time with an intensive exfoliating and rehydrating treatment for the hands. Our luxury Ayurvedic hand care is designed to remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh and healthy skin.

This luxurious treatment includes nail soak, cuticle conditioning, exfoliating ayurvedic scrub, relaxing& soothing hand massage with warm Ayurvedic oil and application of a nourishing Ayurvedic hand mask to finish.

  • Luxury Ayurvedic Foot Care

60min   £65

A luxurious treatment for neglected and travel worn feet.

This luxurious pedicure includes  cuticle caring, foot soaking in luxurious coconut milk bath, exfoliating ayurvedic scrub, relaxing therapeutic foot & leg massage with warm Ayurvedic oil and application of nourishing foot mask to finish.

This treatment leaves your feet feeling soft, supple, and alive. You’ll feel balanced from head to toe; ready to meet the world, refreshed. Clearer and calmer from deep rest, you are sure to step away from the treatment with a relaxed, smiling expression on your face.