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We extend an invitation for you to experience the Green difference.
We are the first and only authentic Ayurveda wellness spa in Yorkshire, offering traditional Ayurvedic rejuvenation massages, consultations, healing retreats and weeklong detox programmes. Our highly skilled team will make your visit a memorable one.


AUGUST 3, 2019 | 9:45 AM – 4 PM | £95/person
Venue: Yoga Shala, Green Ayurveda Spa, Wetherby

Kerala : India : Ayurveda & Yoga Retreats

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Green Ayurveda is a family owned business; by renowned Ayurvedic health practitioners Dr. Majosh Jolly and Dr. Swapna Jolly from Kerala, India.

All Ayurvedic Consultations & treatments are done by professionally qualified & well experienced Ayurvedic doctors & therapists from Kerala, India.

Dr Majsoh Jolly | Dr Swapna Jolly | Dr Shine Babu | Manju Mathew

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"I have now been visiting the spa for a year and would not go anywhere else. The use of natural indian traditional products is very soothing and awakening. There is no side effects but helps alleviate yourself. Green Ayurveda Spa is an exlcusive spa and no-one else meets there rank. Thanks to Dr Swapna who has helped me mentally and physically. Once visited, you will return again and again! The spa always offers a warm welcome. It is a essential to visit this exclusive spa!

 Harjit Bhamra

My wife and I have had the pleasure of visiting this wonderful Spa on a few occasions and the experience just gets better..
From the moment of arrival your experience begins, the beautiful setting and atmosphere embraces you.
This simply is a very special place..and you cannot leave without gaining something !
And I invite you to take the opportunity to experience this personally for yourself.

 Ian & Heather Hamilton

“Healing experience.” Dr. Swapna offers a friendly, personal service and the atmosphere in the Spa is restful and comfortable. The massage treatments I have had are excellent; they have benefited my health as well as being very enjoyable.
It is rather expensive, but worth it and I will use this service again and would recommend it to others.


“A blissful experience - well worth a visit!” I can't praise the Green Ayurvedic spa more highly..! It is like a little haven of Southern India in Wetherby!
The treatments are amazing, not only relaxing but often with great health benefits. Treatments are always personalised to each individual. I have had many treatments at the spa and each one is always fantastic. I would recommend anyone with any health problems to go to the spa, or if you just fancy a day of relaxation then the spa is the place to go! The staff are always super friendly and helpful.
An all round blissful experience.

 Claire S

“Wonderful experience” The moment you walk through the door and sit in a comfortable sofa listening to the water fountain and calming music you know you will leave refreshed and revived. When I hurt my back I had a series of massages from Dr Swapna tailored to my needs. The hot oils, herbs and massage finishing with a hot steam bath were amazing and really did resolve my back problem. Both Dr Jolly and Dr Swapna make everyone welcome and I would recommend this venue to anyone interested in improving their health and overall well being.

 Vicky I

“Highly recommended” I have been practising yoga with Dr Jolly for the past five years and have received enormous benefit both spiritually and physically from his Thursday evening classes. There is an ambience of serenity and calm from the moment of entering the building, which has been beautifully and appropriately decorated.
The spa packages are excellent (including delicious Ayurvedic food!) and the massages I have experienced have been second to none. Dr Jolly and Dr Swapna offer an exceptionally warm and friendly service and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

 Janet F

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Principles of Ayurveda - Ayurveda Lifestyle

According to Ayurveda each individual is unique, a combination of physical, mental & emotional characteristics which are known as his/her Prakruti (constitution)

Health Issues & Ayurveda

Ayurveda provides a way of life, health and healing based on individual characteristics and doshic imbalances.

Yoga Therapy & Meditation Classes

Yoga for All  |  Holistic Children's & Parents Yoga  |  Pregnancy Yoga  |  PostNatal Yoga  | Meditation Classes

Ayurveda Education & Courses

Green Ayurveda Acadamey offers Courses & workshops on  Ayurveda, Yoga,  Ayurveda Cooking etc

Ayurveda Diet, Nutrition & Cooking Classes

Green Ayurveda cooking classes can provide great insight about which foods will suit and balance you according to your constitution, dosha imbalance, and season.

Corporate Wellness Program

Green Ayurveda  Spa provides onsite seminars and a group discounted program which includes a personal wellness consultation, private yoga meditation sessions.

Community Healing Program

Green Ayurveda community healing program is specially designed for helping Veterans, doctors, teachers, soldiers and their families.

Ayurveda For Children

Ayurveda says the importance of Neonatal and paediatric care for the proper physical, mental , emotional ,relational,  intellectual and spiritual development of the child till sixteen years of age.

Retreats in Kerala, India

Green Ayurveda Kerala Retreats are unique and intimate, specially designed to cleanse your body, clear your mind and re-connect with your soul.